Remembering John Hanson: A Biography of the First President of the Original United States Government
by Peter H. Michael

2013 eLit Silver Prize in Biography
2013 USA Book Awards Finalist Prize in Biography


What Reviewers Are Saying

“The author’s meticulous research and irrefutable arguments show that the “indispensable man” in 1781, when the United States of America first took its place among the nations of the world, was John Hanson.”

“Some of the best information on Hanson I have ever seen.”

“The story of John Hanson is much greater than previous authors have given credit to.”


A must-read for all wanting the nearly lost story of the nation’s critical period of the 1780s brought back. Michael’s biography brings vividly to life the American who twice saved the nation as it struggled to unify, and for doing so was elected by his fellow Founding Fathers as best among them to be their first president. A deeply researched, astoundingly revelatory work that the reader will not want to put down.